Waking up in the morning and strolling outside to collect a freshly-laid egg is one of life's little pleasures. You can't get fresher but be warned, keeping chickens can make a right mess of your garden!


If we haven’t cracked your dreams, Farrington’s have a number of fancy hens which stroll about the pens near to The Thoughtful Bread Company.

We usually have around eight or nine varieties of point-of-lay (POL) hens for sale. This means they are around eighteen weeks old when they are delivered to us and are just about to start laying.



Most of the breeds are £15.00 a bird, but Devon Rocks and Cream Legbar,  that lay blue eggs, are £24.00 each and generally sport a small feather tuft on their heads.

If you would to know more about keeping hens, then come and talk to us. We can advise on breeds and also stock a great selection of hen-houses and everything you need to make your bird feel right at home.

For more information contact us at info@farringtons.co.uk


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